Forgotten Ministries Night

About 10 people from our church served food last night to 35 homeless people at the Forgotten Ministries Center in Enid.  We also served about 15 kids from the New View apartments as well.

I was also able to give these homeless people a short encouragement using Mark Twain's story of The Prince and the Pauper.  (Remember it?)  It's about a very poor boy named Tom in a miserable social class in London and the other is the privileged only son of the King, Henry VIII, named Edward.  These two similar looking boys come from such different places.  The Prince comes from royalty, comfort, and privilege.  The pauper comes from rags, poverty, and pain.  

When the boys accidentally meet at the castle gate they discover that they were born on the same day and have an amazing resemblance to each other.  The prince gets the idea to play a trick on everybody and trade places for a while.  In the process, the prince learns of the pain and hardship of poverty.  And the pauper learns of the praise and privilege of being royal.

I explained to the homeless people at the Center that God wanted to become a human being in order to do this very thing!  God actually WANTS to trade places with us!, to take on our situation for us, and he wants to give us his own.

I could just see the lights go on in these precious, homeless people as they connected the beauty of the story with the truth of God for them.  It was a great night!  Getting to serve such valuable people both physical food and spiritual food was SUCH a privilege and fulfillment.  God was there.

Hey! If you live in Enid, we still need more help if you'd like to join us next time.  Just give us a call or let someone know.