Suggested Reading

Here are (clickable) links to a few articles, books, and websites which Pastor Rusty thought might interest you:

2 (short) Foundational Discipleship Articles:  Our Spiritual Mentoring groups which pastor Rusty takes leaders through always start with these first two articles to help believers get a deeper grasp of the Gospel of Grace and how it applies the the heart.  1 - Luther's Preface to Galatians and 2 - Tim Keller's Two Prodigal Sons.  I invite you to click on these documents and study them thoroughly and allow God to really stretch and challenge your paradigm for what exactly the gospel really is.  I submit to you that at a deep motivational level, the reasons why you were obeying God and the reasons why you were sinning were actually for the same reasons.  And when this concept dawns on you and becomes clear, it really starts to liberate you and thrill you.  I feel strongly that when you see how this really works in the heart, the penny drops, the gospel becomes so different, and we get so much more joy and power from it.  I want to challenge you to take the time to study through and contemplate these two discipleship articles.  


A great book to help someone new to grace see that there really is more to this grace concept than is commonly known is Jerry Bridges' book, Transforming Grace.

A Praying Life is a great book that can really help your prayer life by Paul Miller.

Scotty Smith's daily prayer is in my opinion one of the best of it's kind to use devotionally each day and really teaches you a great frame of heart for how to approach God.

Here is a great book on Marriage called, The Meaning of Marriage, by Timothy Keller.

Paul E. Miller has also recently written a great book on what loving people and being loved by God really looks like which I highly recommend called, A Loving Life.

Anglican professor, J.I. Packer's Knowing God is a classic for having a relationship with God which probably every Christian should have.

A foundational book that our Men's groups have been transformed by is this heart dissecting book by Larry Crabb, Men of Courage (formerly known as The Silence of Adam).


The following are trusted links to help someone think more deeply about spiritual issues.

New Growth Press

Gospel Coalition 

Ransom Fellowship

Gospel in Life